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Pricing Explained

How much are they gonna cost?

Well, it depends.

That’s not so helpful, so let’s dig into it.

We aren’t listing the exact prices below so this article remains relevant as prices change.  The best way to see prices for your seat covers is going to be to punch your truck’s details into the vehicle lookup and see what covers fit your vehicle.

The point here is to explain what makes our seat covers more or less expensive than others out there.

We’re well aware that we’re not the cheapest seat cover on the market and we have no desire to be. Here are some of the reasons we’re going to cost more than some others on the market.

Made in the USA

We don’t send anything out of the USA to get made.  We’re proud to be completely Made in America.  Even though we could slash our labor costs to ¼ of what they are now by sending everything out of the country to get made, we won’t do that.  Every TigerTough seat cover is made by hard-working Americans for hard-working Americans (and Canadians).

Specific Design

One-size-fits-most would definitely be the cheapest way to design a seat cover.  It’s also the worst way.  Every single seat cover that we make is designed on the actual seat.  That means bringing vehicles and, in the case of  trucks and heavy equipment, seats to our factory so the Design Team can create a seat cover based on the OEM seat it’s going to cover.  Nothing is ever designed on pictures, measurements, or guesstimates.

Research and Development

Along with the huge amount of R&D that goes into designing new seat covers and developing new product lines, we’re always testing to make sure we’re making the best seat cover to ever land in a work truck.  This means hiring laboratories for abrasion testing fabric to make sure the fabric will hold up to thousands of “butt slides” and testing designs to be sure that airbags will deploy just like they’re supposed to.

No Discounts (with a caveat)

We make a high-quality, fairly priced product and pay American workers a fair wage to do it. We don’t pad prices to offer discounts when holidays come up or to make you feel special for signing up for emails. 

Now for the caveat…if you’re a fleet manager building 15+ new vehicles per year and are willing to write TigerTough seat covers into your new vehicle specifications, we do offer quantity discounts. The discount is based on how many trucks you’re building each year.

Give us a shout to chat more about that.

The StringLock

The secret sauce that nobody else has.  The StringLock is what keeps your seat covers in place.  It’s also completely designed and made in the USA.  This baby isn’t cheap to make and it was even less cheap to design, prototype, test, and design again.  It’s all totally worth it though because it allows us to make a seat cover that actually fits well, even after it’s been in service for a few years.

Premium Materials

We only use the best materials for anything we make.  I mean, how are you going to make a quality seat cover from junk materials?  Not happening.  From the toughest American-Made fabric to hook & loop fasteners that stick together like glue, every component of your seat cover is the best that we can get our hands on.  Sure, it’s not the cheapest way to do it.  But it is the best way.

Customer Service

Sure, this is the one that everyone brags about.  I mean, who admits they’ve got crappy service?  But for real, customer service is incredibly important to us.  One of our goals is to be our customer’s favorite vendor.  We’ve got a live customer service team at our Minnesota headquarters that is on hand to answer every phone call (no automated answering service here) and return every email in less than 30 minutes.  Waiting sucks so our team has a blazing fast reply rate.  It’d be cheaper to outsource customer service to an overseas call center but I think you get our stance on that by now.

If you’ve got any more questions on why our seat covers cost what they do or what pricing would be for your vehicle, feel free to hit us up!  We’re always ready to chat (between 8:00 and 5:00 on weekdays).