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Police Fleet Findings

We did a little survey at the 2018 Police Fleet Expo this year in St. Louis.  We asked police fleet managers about some common fleet problems and asked them which ones they’d like to eliminate if they could.

If you’re a fleet manager, whether it be police, fire, or commercial, you most likely can relate to issues that we presented to the fleet managers we talked to .

The options were:

  1. Downtime
  2. Fixing damages caused by “wear and tear”
  3. Low resale or trade-in values on vehicles

The results were as follows:

  • 48 fleet managers would love to eliminate Downtime.
  • 45 attendees said Fixing damages caused by “wear and tear” would be the best thing to eliminate.
  • 14 people said they’d like to get rid of low resale values on their vehicles.

The good news is we can help lessen each of those problems.


When your vehicles need to be taken out of service for repairs, your company’s ability to perform at its best is taken away.  We can help by eliminating the need to take vehicles out of service to have the seats replaced or repaired. TigerTough seat covers are able to withstand the abuse a work truck, fire truck, or police vehicle takes and keep the seats from getting torn up or stained.  Invest 15 minutes when the vehicles are new to eliminate that problem and you’ve successfully eliminated the hours or days of downtime that would have happened when the seats had to be repaired.

Fixing damages caused by “wear and tear”

Wear and tear.  The past tense is worn and torn.  Like the typical seat in a police car.

Damaged seat in a ford police interceptor police car.
It doesn’t have to end like this.

There’s no need to be ashamed, it happens to the best of them.  Your team is focused on getting out there and getting the job done, not being super careful how they get in and out of their vehicle.  Yeah, they should be careful, but they aren’t. Even though you keep harping at them to take care of their stuff, it seems like nobody listens.  We’re here to help. Let ‘em do their worst, we’re here so you can focus on more important stuff.

Low resale or trade-in values on vehicles

When you trade in a vehicle with 100,000 miles and an interior that looks like a bunch of rats lived in it, they don’t want to give you a lot for it.  However, when you trade in a truck with 100,000 miles on it and the interior looks like grandma used it to get to church on Sunday, you’ll get a little more cash towards your upfit.  We helped Black Hawk Energy services get an extra $3000 for their used trucks. Check out how:

If you’re interested in eliminating some of any one or all of these options, we just might be able to help you.

See If They’re Right For You.