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Police Fleet Expo

It’s almost time for another Police Fleet Expo.

The time when police fleet managers get together to compare notes and have meetings, classes, and a few beers together.  They also get the chance to check out the latest and greatest products from their favorite equipment manufacturers.

As you wade through the sea of flashing red and blue, you’ll see an orange glow.  That’s us.

Floor Plan of the 2018 Police Fleet Expo

We don’t have the flashiest products there (pun intended) but we do have a way to help save your fleet some cash.  Which is pretty important, we’ve been told.

The TigerTough team is pretty pumped to be descending on St. Louis on August 22nd and 23rd along with our fleet managing friends from law enforcement agencies around the country.

We’re going to be giving away our signature YETI products again because everybody loves them! (Why change a good thing, amiright?)  

We’re doing something new this year though…every attendee that signs up for the drawing gets one of our new limited edition Thin Blue Line hats.  They’re only available at our booth during the show and when they’re gone, they aren’t coming back.

TigerTough Limited Edition Thin Blue Line Hat

Why should you come hang out at the TigerTough booth (364)?

  1. We can show you how to save money, have better equipment, and have happier drivers.
  2. Free YETI stuff.
  3. Grab a limited edition hat that will make you look like the bad-ass you know you are.

Should we expect to see you there?  Let us know by whacking the orange button. (We’ll save you a hat)

I’ll Be There!