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Not All Seat Covers are Created Equal

The United States Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal. That is true, but not all seat covers are.

On Friday, January 13th, we stacked our seat covers up against two of our leading competitors’ truck seat covers. We gave the covers to two of our sales development reps and had them install the covers while giving their opinion of the seat covers’ fit, quality, instructions, and ease of installation.
All three covers were installed on a 2015 GMC Sierra. All of the covers retail for between $196 (TigerTough) and $225 (Competitor N).

We went into this comparison with an open mind, NOT to bash our competition. Our two sales reps who have installed the least amount of covers installed all three sets using the instructions provided.

(Skip to the bottom if you want to skip the details and just want the down-low on our comparison)

First Up – “Competitor N”

We come up against this competitor a lot, so we thought they should go first. Competitor N builds a two piece cover, just like we do.

Some of the things that Competitor N does differently are:

  • They use two very small straps that go under the seat and are threaded through a plastic ladder lock buckle to hold the seat cover on.
  • They have very small openings for the headrest posts. You are expected to cut your own holes to get the covers to fit properly.
  • Instead of a string going under the seat to keep the cover from shifting, they have a small elastic band that runs behind the seat. We found that as the seat cover wanted to shift, the elastic stretched and let the cover move.


  • Competitor N’s seat covers fit fairly well.
  • The covers took about 15 minutes to install.
  • The fabric was stiff and difficult to work with.
  • The generic instructions were difficult to understand.
  • The seat covers didn’t come with headrest covers. (They are available for an extra charge.)
  • When installing, we accidentally broke two of the tightening clips and ripped a seam in the seat back. (Again – we were not trying to break anything. Just following the instructions)

Competitor C

Competitor C is one of the biggest seat cover manufacturers out there. We thought it was only right that TigerTough went head-to-head with them in this test. This cover was a one-piece cover. Competitor C’s cover was pretty easy to install (took about 10 minutes) but we couldn’t get it to fit well.

What they do differently:

  • Very large headrest holes – they don’t allow the cover to tuck under the plastic trim for a neat, clean fit.
  • Open airbag flap. Where we sew our covers in a way that allows the airbag to push through the cover if it deploys, this cover has an opening with a flap that tucks in it to allow the airbag out.
  • One piece cover. This allows the seat cover to go on more like a slip cover. It goes on easy, but shifts when you adjust your seat back. A two piece cover prevents this.


  • We couldn’t get these covers to fit in a way that we were satisfied with.
  • The generic instructions were very difficult to understand.
  • This cover went on the easiest of the three, in about 10 minutes.
  • The fabric was easy to work with.
  • The headrest cover fit very well.


We saved these for last so that the installers would be judging our competitors on their own merits, not based on what they’d experienced with TigerTough seat covers. Our cover is a two-piece cover that is held on with very strong Velcro and two cords to hold the bottom from shifting. We pride ourselves on making Custom Seat Covers, so ours fit the seat like a second skin.


  • The covers took about 15 minutes to install like Competitor N’s did.
  • The installers liked having detailed instructions with pictures to guide them through the install. Download the instructions to see the difference.
  • TigerTough covers fit the tightest of the three that we compared.
  • The fabric was easier to work with than Competitor N’s.
  • Our covers didn’t slip, slide, or come off when entering and exiting the truck.


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