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It’s Pretty Bad.

We don’t normally post pictures of torn-up seats because you know what they look like.  You might think “My people would never do that.” or you may say “Beginners!  I wish mine still looked like that.”  Either way, they’re no fun to look at.

Today is a little different though.

This picture was shared by the Hollis, NH police department after they told us they were putting TigerTough seat covers on their new police cars.

Damaged seat in a ford police interceptor police car.

Want to guess how long that vehicle has been in service?  Three years.  That’s all.

Not only is the seat destroyed, the cushion is ruined and the metal pieces sticking out are going to start wrecking duty belts and uniforms.

They bought Tactical seat covers to prevent the seats in their police cars from getting any worse and here is what they had to say – “I liked how easy they were to install on our current Ford PI Utilities. Attached is a photo of the 2015, made the decision easy for new 2018 builds.”

Would you like to prevent that from happening to your vehicles?

I Would!