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It’s A No-Brainer

Franklin, TN is a historic city of about 75,000 people.  It takes a team to make sure a city that size runs smoothly.  That team requires a lot of equipment. Eight hundred pieces to be exact.  Meet the man that makes sure those 800 pieces of equipment are in tip-top shape, keeping the city going.

Franklin, TN's Ford Police Interceptor Utility with Black TigerTough Tactical seat covers and a Thin Blue Line American Flag.David Barker has been the fleet manager for the City of Franklin for over 10 years.  He is in charge of purchasing and taking care of all the vehicles and equipment the city uses.  As a seasoned fleet manager, his priorities are to be as cost-effective as possible while providing the city’s employees what they need to do their jobs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We met Mr. Barker at the 2016 Police Fleet Expo and he had a couple of Dodge Chargers in his fleet of police cars that had seats that needed to be reupholstered because the officers’ duty belts had worn holes through them.  He ordered a couple of covers to try on those cars and was hooked. His officers’ feedback was that they loved them. The covers were comfortable, they fit well, and they allowed the officers to get in and out of their vehicles easier.

Today, every new vehicle that gets added to David’s fleet has TigerTough seat covers on it, he says it’s a no-brainer.  He says that for the price of the covers, there is no way he could get a seat reupholstered or replaced for that. David says that if anybody needs verification, the cost is easy to justify.  It takes one of his technicians 15-20 minutes to install a cover and when they’re done it fits and it’s comfortable.Franklin, TN police car and fire truck.

The Franklin Fire and Rescue team loves the covers as well.  They make it easy for the crew to get in and out of their vehicles with all their gear on, they stay in place, and they keep the seats from getting wet.

David says “You’ve got a quality product that is very cost effective and it is a no-brainer for me.  Everywhere I go at shows, I say something on your behalf if somebody says something about an issue with seats.”

Today, the City of Franklin has TigerTough seat covers in over 100 of their vehicles.  They’ve realized they can prevent a costly problem that was accepted as normal wear and tear.