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If It Ain’t Broke, DO Fix It

Whadda ya mean? That’s not how it goes!

You read that right. The time to be fixing your truck is before it actually breaks. What does broken equipment mean? Lost time, lost profits, lost opportunities, angry bosses, angry customers, and a bad day. But, if you do your fixing before you actually break something, you can easily avoid all those things.

There is a more common phrase for the saying “If it ain’t broke, do fix it.” It’s preventative maintenance. I reckon that sounds more familiar.

What we’re trying to say is that little fixes, catching or preventing small problems before they become something big enough to shut you down, save a lot of time and money over waiting for something bad to happen, halting normal operations while you try to get it back to normal.

Everyone is familiar with the normal preventative maintenance items like oil changes, tire rotations, and wheel alignments. They’re all some of the “necessary evils” of vehicle maintenance.


Preventing problems before they happen is where the real savings are. When you prevent a problem, the fixing happens once, when you’re ready for it, and then you’re done worrying about it.

True preventative maintenance, maintenance done to prevent a problem from happening in the future, is planned in advance so you’re ready for the down time. You don’t have to rush because you don’t have customers waiting, your boss is happy, and the truck is ready to go out and bring home the bacon when you’re finished.

Some solutions that our clients have found for preventing problems before they happen are:

  1. Push bumpers or brush guards
  2. Rust preventative undercoating
  3. Drop-in or spray-in bedliners
  4. Seat covers
  5. Backrack style headache racks.

What are some solutions you’ve found to help you prevent fixing unnecessary problems?

So, we rest our case. If it ain’t broke, DO fix it. That’s the best time.

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