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Have You Thought About Custom Embroidery?

Branding.  It’s a big deal.  Not only for your customers but for your employees too!

Wrapping your trucks, having a sweet storefront, and getting matching uniforms for everyone is great.  It helps promote your brand and it makes your company recognizable no matter where or how people come across you.

But what about branding for your employees?  It’s really important.  If your employees don’t buy into your brand, how will they represent it to your prospects and customers?  Probably not too well.

One of our dealers gets their installation employees matching toolboxes so when you walk into the shop, each station looks exactly the same.  It does a great job of promoting the “attention to detail” part of their brand and it’s right in front of their employees every day.

A lot of the companies that we work with already have invested in seat covers to keep their trucks looking good, so they go a little farther and get them custom embroidered with their logo on them.

TigerTough seat covers with M. J. Electric’s Logo Being Embroidered.

What’s the first thing your employee sees when they open the door of their truck?  The seat.

What if they saw the seat with the logo of their company on it?  Yes, THEIR company, because if they’ve bought into your brand, they’re going to treat it as their company.  Their customers.  Their reputation.

Will custom embroidered seat covers instantly make your employees buy into your brand?  Nope.  But they’re a small piece in completing that giant puzzle and nobody likes looking at a puzzle with missing pieces.

If you’re interested in seeing what custom embroidered seat covers would look like on your trucks, just hit the orange button below to take a look at the logos of a bunch of companies that believe in their brand.

Check out Custom Embroidered Seat Covers Here.