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Who Makes Your Company’s First Impression?


We hear it all the time. Whoever is talking to the customer is the face of your company. If it’s the first time they’ve dealt with you, it is up to the receptionist to make a great first impression. The service technician must make a good impression when they’re on a service call because they are the face of your company. The delivery guy represents your entire organization when he’s dropping off the packages.

But who makes the FIRST impression? What do your prospects see and judge you on before they’ve called the office, before they’ve visited your website, and before they even knew they needed your services?


This is why it matters what your fleet looks like. We all know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and yet we all make our first impressions within seven seconds. Seven seconds determine if someone is going to trust you or not.

When your service truck rocks up to the business across the street or the neighbor’s house, your potential clients notice it. They notice what you’re driving and if you look like a reputable company or not. This is why it is so important to maintain a clean, quality fleet of vehicles.

Which of these delivery companies would you trust as your preferred courier?

It is an easy decision and you haven’t met the drivers, looked at their websites, or read the reviews yet! This is proof that when it comes down to it, we DO judge the proverbial book by its cover.

Five ways to keep a fleet looking its best are:

  1. Vehicle Wraps – Wrapping your service or delivery vehicles is a great way to make your fleet stand out. A wrap turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard that promotes your company everywhere you go. Check out this article for more information on vehicle wraps.
  2. Regular Maintenance – We really shouldn’t have to tell you this one. Make sure your fleet is maintained and in perfect working condition. How does it look to the people driving by when your service truck is steaming on the side of the exit ramp? That doesn’t say a lot for your company.
  3. Keep a Current Fleet – The 1984 Ford Econoline was a great van in 1984. If your fleet is 10+ years old, it makes your company look outdated. If your delivery guy shows up in a rattly rust bucket that is older than he is, it doesn’t make the greatest first impression.
  4. Maintain Your Fleet’s Cosmetics – It is important to keep your fleet running good and reliable. It is also important to keep is looking good as well. To make sure your vehicles are creating the right first impression, it is a good practice to fix dents, scratches, and tears right away, rather than ignoring them. A better idea is to prevent damage from even happening with things like grille guards, seat covers, and bed liners.
  5. Incentivize Drivers Based on Performance – Your driver is less likely to drive like she is at the Indy 500 if she knows that the vehicle is GPS monitored and her bonus depends on the results. It depends on the size of your fleet but offering a bonus for good driving helps keep drivers attentive to what is going on around them. It doesn’t look so good when the van with your logo on it cuts off a school bus because the driver doesn’t care.

Your fleet makes your company’s first impression. If a potential customer doesn’t like the looks of your company based on what you’re driving, your receptionist, salesperson, or delivery person will never get the chance to be the face of your company.

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