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The Best Seat Covers

If you’re like most anyone out there, you’re using Google to help determine what product is going to suit your needs. What is the best…..? Where to find good…..?

We can’t help you find the best gyros in Cincinnati or how to find the best way to get your wife’s mom to like you. We can, however, help you figure out the best seat covers for your truck.

Let’s start with WWH.


What are you protecting the seats from?

If you’re trying to keep the seats clean while the mechanic pulls the vehicle in and out of the shop, the best seat cover is going to be a cheap disposable one that they can flop over the seat quickly.

If you’re trying to protect the seat from the grease, dirt, and plain-ole abuse of a service technician who drives the truck every day, you need something a little more. In that case, you’re going to want to look for a seat cover that is durable, comfortable, and that will stay in one place for the life of the truck.

A simple blanket or throw will protect the back seat while you drive Grandma’s poodle to the vet once a year.


Why are you protecting the seats?

Are you covering your seats because you don’t want to go through the effort of scrubbing the mustard stains out after your family road trip? Or are you trying to keep your fleet of trucks as good-looking as possible? Is preventing unnecessary damages important to you?

TigerTough seat covers after four years in a service truck.

These covers lived in a service truck for four long, hard years.


How do you want to go about doing it?

You’ve got options here.

You can go the simple and cheap route and throw a blanket over the seat and rearrange it every time you get in and out. Not a big deal when you’re doing this a couple times a year.

If you’re protecting the seat from the wear-and-tear of a rough day job, you need something more than a blanket. You can use a cheap “one size fits all” cover or you can use a custom cover that is designed for your truck. The custom cover is going to stay put once you’ve installed it and remain in place until you decide it is time for it to come off.

If safety is important (it is) make sure you get a cover that is airbag compatible.

Airbag Compatible Seat Covers



When it comes down to it, the best seat cover is the one that will best meet your needs. It may be the quickest to install and remove, it may be the most durable, or it may be the best fitting. It may be a disposable cover or it may be one that will outlast your vehicle.

When you’re trying to figure out what is best for you, decide based on how you’re going to be using it, not based on what “everyone else” says.

Narrow it down using WWH, then figure out what cover offers the most benefits for the price. Once you’ve found that one, you’ve found the best seat cover.

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Start your quest for the best seat covers. See how ours are different and what makes them the best at what they do.