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Dinosaur Proof Seat Covers.

So, we were at an Oil & Gas Expo in Midland, TX and learned something pretty cool. If you’re not familiar with Midland it’s in the heart of the Permian Basin, a mind-blowingly huge oil reserve deep under Texas.

Anyhow, we were whooping it up with the friendly West-Texas locals and showing them how we could help them make their used trucks worth more when one guy popped a question we’d never had before.

What happens if I spill crude oil on your covers?

Well, we didn’t know the answer to that one! We’ve heard of people spilling grease, food, bleach, mud, and a lot of other gross stuff but we’d never had any feedback on who wins the TigerTough vs Crude Oil fight.

It turns out that the guy asking the question was in the business of oil inspection and analysis so he shot right out to his truck with some fabric samples and drizzled a little oil on them right there in the parking lot.

Here’s what happened…..

The dark spot inside the orange circle on the gray sample is the only casualty. Just a tiny stain. Nothing came through the covers, meaning that the truck’s seats would have never known what happened.

The verdict is that if you’re in an industry where you could end up getting liquid dinosaur dribbles inside your truck, black TigerTough seat covers are the way to go!

Make Your Truck (liquid) Dinosaur Proof.