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Can Seat Covers Really Save You Money?

Is it really possible for a police fleet to save money with something as simple as seat covers?

Yes.  It is.  We’ve already agreed that damage is inevitable, it’s just a byproduct of the business, so we don’t have to do dive into that again.  Half of the attendees that we talked to at the Police Fleet Expo this year wanted to eliminate fixing damages caused by wear-and-tear.  

This is a pretty bad case but if you’re a police fleet manager, you’ve most likely seen seats that looked similar.

Damaged seat in a ford police interceptor police car.

We won’t use a seat quite this bad in our example calculations, though.

If you’re not sure what it’s costing you to fix the normal wear-and-tear on your seats, $400 is a good, conservative number to use.  It’s it the mid-range of what departments say they’re spending, excluding removal, installation, and downtime.  If you’re not physically spending the money on repairs, you’re definitely losing it in resale value .

Implementing seat covers as a part of the preventative maintenance plan for a fleet of 10 cars would save a department $2180 in those cars’ lifetime.  That’s enough to buy over 180 T-Bone steaks (for the record, that would be a stack over 15′ high), 512 Tall Pumpkin Spice Lattes, or two round-trip tickets from Dallas, TX to Sydney, Australia.

So, yeah…. we’d be glad to help you save some money in your fleet. 

Put your own numbers in the calculator below to see if seat covers are right for you.

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