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Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

Your trusty old truck that has been with you through thick and thin is beautiful to you. After all, she’s been your means of making a living these last eight years and is basically your business partner at this point. Sure, there are a few rips and stains and a dent here or there but the old girl is all yours and it’s reliable.

It’s too bad that beauty isn’t in the eye of the cash-holder though.

Even though you know everything you and your truck have been through together, the lady at the dealership doesn’t. She’s going to look at your truck through a whole different lens and I bet it’s not going to be rose colored. It’s too bad people don’t pay for “experience” when they’re buying a vehicle.

Once you get over the sticker shock, offensive trade price, and outrageous dock fees (they shouldn’t be a thing), you vow to be more careful with your new truck and keep up the preventative maintenance a little better.

A good preventative maintenance program will help make the trucks worth a little more when you decide to upgrade. (Up to $3000, according to Travis Hjort.)

We can probably help you out with that preventative maintenance, whether it’s for your hunting truck or your HVAC truck.

If your job, hobby, or both involve getting dirty or getting in and out a lot and getting more cash for your used trucks is something you’re interested in, we should really talk. We just might make good partners.

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