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Are They Waterproof?

That’s a question we get a lot.

It’s a good question to ask, though.  Unless you’ve got leather or vinyl, you’re probably well aware how un-waterproof the factory seats in your vehicle are.

The technical answer is that TigerTough covers, as with pretty much any cover out there, are water resistant.  When something is sewn together, it’s obviously poked hundreds of times with a needle so there are tiny holes filled with thread.  To make it easy, we’ll go with waterproof, though.

Yes, they’re waterproof.  They’ll take whatever you spill and keep it off the seat, just like you bought them to do.  If you spill your coffee in your lap while you bounce across a job site in the morning, your truck will fare better than your pants do.

Beverage spillage aside, there are other good reasons to require waterproof seat covers in work trucks.  Fire departments are a good example of people who can’t stay dry and clean making their living.  Having waterproof covers in a fire truck makes it easier to keep the vehicle clean and easy to clean it up after a call.

Ixonia Fire Department uses waterproof TigerTough seat covers on their brush truck. 
Spraying a waterproof TigerTough seat cover

The reason that construction workers, firefighters, and general do-ers of hard work choose TigerTough to waterproof their seats is that neoprene, the normal go-to for water resistance isn’t nearly strong enough.  Neoprene is stretchy and cuts/punctures easily.  The specially coated Cordura that we use is neither of those things.

If your job or hobby involves water, mud, dirt, or the occasional spilled beverage, a good set of waterproof seat covers is something you need in your truck.

Want to see if they’re waterproof enough for you?  Hit the button below for a sample that you can test with the liquids of your choice.

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