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2020 Ford Explorer Seat Covers

Guess what happens when a vehicle gets a complete makeover? You guessed it, the seats change along with everything else.

With Ford’s redesign of the Explorer, come our all-new covers for that vehicle.

Let’s start with the front.

Ford Explorer with gray TigerTough seat covers

The front seat covers are pretty standard. Like usual, you’ll be able to cover the bottoms, backs, and headrests. Before you ask, yes, the airbags will still deploy just like they’re supposed to.

On to the rear seats.

Ford Explorer with gray TigerTough seat covers

So, the rear seats are a little different than what we’ve done in the past. Typically we’d just stick with making a bench seat cover for the second row because that’s what the lower trim packages usually come with.

“Not so, this time!” said the designers at Ford.

Everything comes standard with captain’s chairs and you can upgrade to a bench for $500. Kinda makes sense because how often do you haul three people on the second row?

We decided to start making armrest covers for those seats too since there’s almost always an elbow jabbing into them if there’s a butt on the seat. It’s something that’s new for us but from now on, we’ll make armrest covers for seats that have armrests built into the seats. You don’t need to worry about ordering anything extra, they’re just a part of the package. Like headrest covers.

Elbow grease? Bring it on!

If you’re looking for some simple cheap covers to keep the turf off your seats when it’s your turn to take the kids to soccer practice, we might not be right for you. It’s OK, we’re not hurt.

If you’re setting an Explorer up to be a foreman’s car, a crew transport vehicle, or a security vehicle, we’re most likely right for you. We’re happy to cover the soccer mom’s vehicle too but, like, y’know, work trucks are our specialty.

Find Covers For Your Explorer.

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