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Seat Covers vs Farm Dogs

A lot of you have been asking how hard it is to get dog hair off of our seat covers. If you've got a dog or have ever been with a couple of feet of one, you know that stuff clings to EVERYTHING! So, since you've been asking, we figured we'd best find some of the biggest, hairiest, friendliest dogs we could get to help us out. With the help of a very dirty Great Pyrenees puppy, we were able to make a terrible mess in the back of our marketing guy's truck. Check this out. We tried using a...

Protection For Your Service Trucks

This is a set of seat covers from a 2012 Ford service truck. They’ve taken a beating after four years in the field, but look at the seat! It looks brand new. See how you can save your fleet money and look good doing it. Find A Dealer

Clean & Sanitize Your Seats!

Right now, everyone is cleaning and sanitizing everything. And that's good. When you clean and sanitize the insides of your vehicles, are you hitting the hard surfaces like the doors, the steering wheel, and the dash or are you properly cleaning everything, including the seats? Check out how easy it is when you've got a good seat of waterproof seat covers that don't soak up your cleaner and stay wet. This is great for anyone that wants to keep their vehicles clean but it's especially great for our front-line workers. Our EMS, Fire, and Police officers get into situations...

The Hard Hat Holder

Dude, it's a hard hat. Does it have to be coddled in its own little cradle to keep it safe? Well, no. It's built to, you know, not break when hard things hit it. That's pretty much the point of it. And "coddling" or "cradling" definitely isn't the point of the hard hat holder. If you want to get right to the point, "not rolling around and getting stuck under the dash" is the point of the hard hat holder. OK, all sarcasm and analogies aside, if you wear a hard hat a lot, you'll recognize why this thing is...


We've joined the fight against COVID-19! We feel like it's our duty to do everything we can to help protect the front line workers of America. The people who keep the wheels turning no matter what happens. That's why we've set up a good portion of our production line to make face masks. We've been making seat covers since 1993 and were doing custom sewing for years before that so when the need arose for essential PPE, we quickly pivoted and started cranking out masks for the people that make our country go. Get More Info on Face Masks